Marketing Business Party

By slCareer Studio (other events)

Saturday, August 11 2018 10:00 AM 2:00 PM EST

Assisting small businesses and nonprofits understand how to achieve marketing goals. Attendees will get powerful, actionable ideas for growing their organizations without breaking their budget. They’ll learn why email marketing and social media is the most powerful and cost effective marketing vehicle there is. And how millions of businesses now rely on social media to successfully build sales. 

Workshop learning points: Maximizing Social MediaIncrease Your Website Traffic, Networking 101, Grow Your Business with Google, and Local Marketing (radio & television).


9:45 Registration | Kamara Lundy, Intern, slCareer Studio 

9:55 Welcome | Ki-era Groover, Creative Director of slCareer Studio                

Ranked As Jacksonville Best Marketing Company

10:15 Marketing Tips for Successful Business Owners  | Mary Fisher, President of Fisher Design & Advertising 

Grow Your Business with Google
11:00 Google & Local SEO | Blake Stockton, Consultant of SBDC

Maximizing Social Media
11:40 Likes to Revenue| Yazzmine Colbert, Social Media Solutions Consultant of YC Creative Enterprise

Building Website & Social Media Channels - laptop required
12:15 Apply the Advice |  Ki-era Groover, Creative Director of slCareer Studio

Network 101
1:00 Lunch/Headshots | Ki-era Groover, Creative Director of slCareer Studio

TThe ticket will include Food, Media Kit, Marketing Kit; limited laptops & headshots.

Thank you to our supporters YC Creative Enterprise, Blue Franswa, Jimmy John's, Dunkin Donuts, Fisher Design & Advertising, and SBDC.

**FREE Parking; use the Wells Fargo parking lot.**